Contributing metrics

We encourage community additions to our database of instances and benchmarks. We start up instances and connect to them to build our database of both basic properties and benchmarks.

To send your information for addition, see the /metrics/submit resource of the RESTful API. All submissions are reviewed prior to being added.

For convenience, we provide instructions (for Ubuntu) and a small script to generate these metrics.

  1. Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install hdparm hardinfo php5-cli php5-curl -y
  2. Get the script: wget "http://cloudymetrics.com/populate/dl/metrics_runner.php"
  3. Run the script with the name of the instance: sudo php metrics_runner.php m1.small
    1. You may be (understandably) nervous about running a foreign script as root. Review the script if you wish; it can be run without sudo but some tests may fail.